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Partners of the Feline Kind:
Fall Cats
The title of this page comes from a quote by Sir Harry Swanson:
"You can't own a cat, the best you can do is be partners."
I thought about this quote the other day.  I'd been holding my cat, Sugar,
but had to get up, so I took her to her bed by the window and gently placed
her there.  She immediately hopped down, stood for a minute looking at me
and then hopped right back up onto the bed -- at which time, she gave me
a final "you're not the boss of me" glance and settled down for a nap
in the sun.  The message was clear.  She wasn't going to let
me decide
where to put her.  
She was going to decide.
As someone who has always had dogs in the past, but now has cats, I
can say that those two experiences are very different.  I can, also, say that I
don't completely agree with Sir Harry.  In my corner of the world, rather
than 50-50 partners, it's more like an 80-20 partnership.  And I'm not the 80.  As
I often tell my feline partners, it's fortunate for them that they're so cute.
-- Nancy