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Autumn rain puts me in a reflective mood, makes me think of
imes past and things that are no more.  -- Jane Hillman Scott
I hope you find an Autumn road
That winds through golden trees,
Where berries still grow wild,
Their fragrance on the breeze.
-- Author Unknown
I hope you take autumn by the hand and ramble down a lane
Where nature's forms and colors refresh your mind again;
I hope you find a forest path strewn with scarlet, green and gold,
Where leaves float down and brush against your heart and mind and soul;
May you walk in autumn's wood, my friend, where gentle things survive
And may it guide your inner paths and sing your soul alive.
-- Author Unknown
I saw Autumn in the misty morning,
Standing shadowless
Like silence listening to silence.
-- Thomas Hood
On a soft October evening, if you stand still outside, you can
hear the sound of winter’s footsteps.  
-- Takayuki Ikkaku
Autumn Silence