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Country Roads
Most of the photos on this page were taken in the beautiful state of West Virginia.
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong...

Almost Heaven, West Virginia,
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River,
Life is old there, older than the trees,
Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze.

In the morning hour she calls me,
Radio reminds me of my home far away.
Driving down the road I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday.

All my memories, gather round her,
Miner's lady, stranger to blue water,
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky,
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye.

-- John Denver, Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert
Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched
them dancing on a windy day.  
-- Shira Tamir
Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would
have high tide always and a full moon every night...and then he would never
know the rhythms that are at the heart of life.
 -- Hal Borland
It was a fine autumnal day, the sky was clear and serene, and nature wore that rich
and golden livery which we always associate with the idea of abundance. The forests
had put on their sober brown and yellow, while some trees had been nipped by frost
into brilliant hues of orange, purple and scarlet.  
-- Washington Irving
Autumn -- a little this side of the snow and that side of the haze.
-- Emily Dickinson
All those golden Autumn days the sky was full of wings...wings beating low over
the blue water of the lake, wings beating high in the blue air above it...bearing
them all away to the green fields of the south.  
-- Laura Ingalls WIlder