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The Gift of Love
Six and a half years ago, the dog I'd loved more dearly than any dog I'd ever had
died just before his 16th birthday.  I promised myself that I'd never get another dog,
because I didn't want to go through the kind of pain his loss caused me
again.  I've held firm to that promise all this time.

But, recently, my 13-year-old granddaughter, who volunteers at the SPCA, told me about a
dog they were having trouble placing.  It was a story that touched my heart.  The dog had
been picked up at the city dump, starving and with an injury to her face which eventually
left her blind in one eye.  That, combined with the fact that she'd had heartworms (which
had been treated), seemed to put people off.  She added that she hoped they could find a
home for Navi (a name someone at the shelter had started calling her), because she was
such a sweet dog that she deserved to have a family who loved her.  But my
granddaughter was beginning to think that wouldn't happen.

I talked it over with my husband and the next day, I asked my son to go to the SPCA and
adopt her.  I told him that if Navi had already been adopted, to choose another dog they
were having trouble placing, either because of age or physical handicap.  (I couldn't bring
myself to go, because I knew that if I went, the faces of the dogs I didn't adopt would
haunt me for too long a time.)

He came back with Navi.  The original intent was to give her a chance at a happy life.  But
there's a funny thing about love.  People who are prepared to give it, often find
themselves receiving it.  Navi is such a joy and she has brightened all of our lives.  She
has truly given us the gift of love.

I wish you joy this holiday season.  I wish you contentment and spiritual enrichment.  
I wish you happy moments with those you hold dear.  I hope that all of your Christmas
wishes come true.  But, most of all, I wish you love.

-- Nancy